My wife and I are delighted with the expansion and remodeling that you recently completed for us. As you know, we had a tight schedule as well as high standards for this project. You met or exceeded our expectations in every instance. It was a pleasure working with you.


Helen and I want to thank you for the extraordinary job your firm did on our remodel. Our finished house far exceeds our expectations. Thanks for making our remodel such a positive experience.


My wife and I decided to expand our house by converting an unused attic into an upstairs "kid's room". Having known Wayne for years both personally and by reputation, his firm was the logical choice. Neylan Construction handled both the design and construction of the project. The workmanship was flawless and the project was completed on time' and within budget. We strongly recommend Neylan Construction.

P. Patkay

This is our third home and our third, and largest, construction project. We spent 2 years designing the remodel and when it came time to find someone to build it, we were very nervous. Cost control was an important element as was ensuring the design was executed as close to our plans as possible. From very early on, Wayne had a great feel for what we were trying to achieve and was able to guide the trades towards that goal. He was also exceptionally schedule focused, knowing we were anxious not to have the project drag on. From our experience, the skills which set Wayne apart from other builders we have worked with are:

Wayne spent many, many hours seeking out the best products and price which saved us time.

Wayne does not use guess work to ensure the project stays on track. He builds a plan from day one and adapts the plan and work in order to keep things moving forward. There was not a day on our project where the house sat idle.

All builders will tell you they have experience. The difference is how they leverage their experience to help home owners. We found that Wayne often had seen similar challenges or choices to those which we experienced and was able to provide guidance, allowing us to resolve issues and move forward quickly. Once we move back into our house and the newness wears off, we may decide there were some choices we regret. We are confident however, that selecting Wayne as our contractor will be something we never regret.

X. Legros